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Bear Sleep Kit

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Everything you need for a greats nights's sleep:

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Our Guarantee

Our goal is to make innovative sleep aids so people can live healthier and happier lives enabled by a good nights sleep.

Try it and if you're not 100% happy, use our 60 day no questions asked easy refund policy.

Trusted online since 2017 with over 17,000 orders shipped, read more about the Fix My Sleep story here.

Our sleep kit has everything you need to get a great night's sleep and comes with: 


 1. Customized sleep supplement:

  • Get a customized sleep supplement specifically formulated for people with the Bear chronotype.  All of our supplements are meticulously formulated with the most effective natural ingredients designed to deliver a deep and restful sleep.

    The Bear chronotype formula has a broad selection of proven ingredients that  provides relaxation and an uninterrupted long night of sleep; all with no morning grogginess. 


2. Sleep Journal: 

The Sleep & Evening Routine Sidekick Journal is a guided journal that helps you understand the importance of an intentional evening routine and good sleep hygiene. 

  • The journal provides you with all the resources you need to consistently perform an evening routine that fits YOUR life, along with helping you get great sleep on a regular basis.

  • 💡 Comes with daily thought-provoking, informative & actionable content.

  • A Comprehensive Daily Tracking System: Set and track your sleep target, lights-out time, ways to improve your sleep, your evening routine, and answer thought-provoking questions to improve the quality of your life.

  • ⏱ Takes 5 minutes a day

How It Works

Each day, you’ll get guidance to:

  • 🎯Set & track your sleep target for the night (# of hours)
  • 🔦Set & track your strict lights out time 
  • ✍️ Plan your evening routine in 5 steps
  • 💭 Self-reflect with engaging questions that help you improve your progress and overall quality of life
  • 🤝 Get held accountable 
  • 💥 Bonus: Has specific tips for when you fall off the wagon

3. Guide to Better Sleep: 

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to better understand what causes sleep disorders, what good sleep looks and feels like, and how you can improve your own sleep habits… beginning tonight!


4. Sleep Mask: 

Luxuriously soft light blocking 3D contoured sleeping mask ideal for use while traveling or at home. Blocks out all light without irritating your nose or ears and it won't snag your hair. Comes with an adjustable elastic headband for a true and comfortable fit.

5. Sleep Kit Keeper: 

All this cool stuff comes in a nice satin drawstring bag that can be used to keep all of your goodies.

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Key Ingredients

We use only the most effective all-natural plant based ingredients.

Huperzine A (Huperzia SerrateExtract)
Improves cognitive function, behavioral disturbance, and functional performance.

Neurofactor (coffee fruit/coffeeberry extract)
Works with Huperzine A to stimulate and improve cognitive health by helping the brain cleanse itself of toxins

Uridine 5- monophosphatedisodium salt
Helps to increase memory.

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone
Increases energy and overall brain health.

How to use

Take 2 Brain Detox™ capsules daily.

Customer Reviews

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Is it safe?

Yes its very safe. All of our supplements were meticulously formulated by Dr. Marten Gallagher; a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry.

Our supplements are also reviewed by medical experts in the sleep and neurology fields.

They are drug-free, non-habit-forming, and safe to take for both short and long-term sleep health.

Can I use with my prescription medications?

Yes! Our sleep aids are natural and are made to be used with medications you may be taking for other conditions.

This is one of the major benefits of our sleep aids. For further advice, please consult your primary care physician.

Is it really made for seniors?

Yes, all of our products have been formulated specifically for the needs of seniors/elderly.

We've taken many factors that older people are concerned about when developing our products.

Medication interaction, harshness on the tummy and the digestion system, dose amounts, pill size and the price of course (because we know many seniors are on a fixed income).

It's made for seniors but can I use it?

Yes, even though are products are formulated for seniors, thier benefits can help everyone.

How long does it take to take effect?

This is more like taking a vitamin, you know it will help you in the long term if you take it consistently.

Our Brain Detox will cleanse your brain of toxins that have built up from lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits. Cleansing this toxic build up helps reduce brain fog, enhances your memory, boost your cognitive function and prevents early onset of
dementia and Alzheimer’s.

How long should I take the supplements?

Our products are great for short and long term use, so feel free to take them for as long as you have trouble sleeping.

Are there any side effects?

No, our unique formula includes natural ingredients that do not have the side effects of other sleep medications (no dizziness or lightheadedness, no headaches, no digestive problems, and no grogginess).

Can I take the supplements every day?

Our all-natural sleep aids have no side effects, so they can be taken every day or just on those days when you are unable to sleep.

For people with chronic insomnia, we recommend taking advantage of our 3 bottle offer, for three months of restful sleep at the lowest price.

Is this supplement made in the United States?

Yes, our sleep supplements are manufactured in the United States following the strictest quality protocols and in FDA approved labs.

  • Short list of ingredients that you can read without a dictionary.

  • Made in the USA. In clean GMP and FDA certified facilities.

  • Plant-based all natural ingredients.

  • 60 Day EASY refund money back guarantee.

Key Ingredients

We use only the most effective all-natural plant based ingredients.


Increases serotonin, reduces insomnia, and improves sleep quality, helping you stay sleep longer.


Reduces stress and anxiety. Gives a calming effect.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

It helps you relax by calming the mind and body. Helps you asleep quickly by stimulating the production of serotonin, the main precursor of melatonin.

Magnolia Officinalis

Helps decrease cortisol(the stress hormone), improves mood and reduces stress to provide more restful and high quality sleep.

Lemon Balm Extract

Enhances restful sleep by decreases stress and agitation.

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