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The only sleep-aid made to help seniors fall asleep fast & get rejuvenating, high-quality sleep.

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Works Like Magic.. Backed By Science

Created by Dr. Swenson, ND and our advisory board of sleep experts; our all-natural sleep aids for seniors works 3x better than other sleep aids and won't affect your prescription medications or other supplements.

  • Dr. Hanh Swenson

    Lead Formulation Scientist

    • 25 years of experience in sleep research & all-natural product development
    • Led the development of 52 plant-based products
    • Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine
  • Dr. Deepak Bakshi

    Sleep Science Advisor

    • 27 years of experience in Sleep Medicine and Internal Medicine
    • Sleep medicine specialist
  • Dr. Suzanna Carrier

    Naturopathic Advisor

    • 10 years of experience in all-natural product development
    • Led the development of 37 plant-based products
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Our Customers Are Getting the Best Sleep of Their Lives

"My wife and I both like these because they help us sleep and do not have bad side effects. We both wake up feeling very good after taking these."

Deep Sleep | ☑️ Verified Review

"The first time I used them I slept like a newborn in these."

Magic Sleep Mask | ☑️ Verified Review

"This is a great journal. I've been journaling for over 5 years, and this is the best journal I've ever had."

The Sleep Journal | ☑️ Verified Review

"I always have a million thoughts in my head at night, but these pills helped relax me enough to fall asleep in a decent amount of time."

Max Relax | ☑️ Verified Review

"Sleep magic is the right name for these, I was sleep in a snap of the fingers."

Sleep Magic | ☑️ Verified Review

"Works great and I like how they're made for us older folks."

Sleep Magic | ☑️ Verified Review

"I can take these with my regular meds and not have to worry about something bad happening."

Max Relax | ☑️ Verified Review
  • Clean Ingredients

    Short list of ingredients that you can read without a dictionary.

  • Made In The USA

    Made in US based FDA certified facilities.

  • Plant-Based

    Plant-based and all natural ingredients.

  • 365 Day Refunds

    1 Year EASY refund money back guarantee.

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