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VIP Sleepers Club

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VIP Sleepers Club Benefits:

Here's what you get when you sign up:

1. $20 Gift Card

Get a gift card to use on any product in the store.

2. $0 Cost 2-Day Shipping

VIP Sleepers enjoy 2-day shipping on all orders at no cost.

3. $3 Credit Every Month

Each VIP Sleepers get $3 dollars to spend in that month

4. $0 Cost Birthday Gifts

You’ll get a free product of your choice on every birthday.

5. VIP Customer Service

You’ll get VIP customer service via phone, email, or website chat. And you will be jumped to the front of the line whenever you need customer support.

6. VIP Shopping Day Discounts

VIP Sleepers get occasional exclusive discounts

7. Insider Perks

Be the first to get exclusive access to our new products, promotions and content. Plus you’ll get to vote on new product ideas.

Join The VIP Sleepers Club Today!

Become a VIP now and enjoy the instant $20 gift card, free 2-day shipping, VIP customer support, exclusive VIP discounts, early access offers, insider access to new products and other great perks!

Terms and Conditions

When you purchase a membership, you are signing up for the VIP Sleepers Club. Benefits include a $20 gift card, as well as, free expedited shipping.
You will be billed for your membership at 12 month intervals. Your payment details will be stored securely when you're charged. Membership will automatically renew at the end of your interval. If you do not want to renew your subscription you may cancel.
You may cancel your membership at any time through your Fix My Sleep account under the “manage membership” button. Cancelling your membership cancels your benefits for the following subscription period, it does not refund your purchase. Our customer support team can be reached by email at or by chat.

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When are my membership fees due?

The VIP Sleepers club membership fee is paid when you sign up and gives you all of the membership benefits for a full year (12 months).

What are the costs for a VIP Sleepers Club membership?

The VIP Sleepers Club is only $50.00 for an annual membership.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. You can cancel your VIP Sleepers Clucb membership at anytime.