Our Story

I'm a long time insomniac and workaholic who thought being able to keep pushing on without much sleep was a sign of strength; it was not uncommon for me to go a day or two in any given month without sleeping a wink. In fact, being able to work hard on very little sleep was badge of honor for me.

After a very stressful time in my life where my sleep habits got even worse and my health suffered. Getting older made matters worse as my sleep cycle was changing and I was juggling several RX medications some of which affected my ability to sleep. I knew I had to fix this.

But as I researched products to help, I wasn't able to find anything specifically geared to help older people sleep better.

So I worked with sleep experts and used the latest in sleep research to create this company and our products.

Our goal is to make innovative sleep aids for seniors and elderly people that have trouble sleeping so they can live healthier and happier lives enabled by a good nights sleep.

Why is Our Sleep Kit the Best?

People are different. They have different sleep issues and what one person needs could be very different from what someone else needs. A personalized solution is a better way to make sure people get exactly what they need to fix their sleep issues. So that's what we've built.

  • Its the only sleep kit on the market.

  • Our sleep supplements & sleep improvement plans are tailored to your specific sleep concerns.

  • Our kits were developed with guidance of top sleep professionals.

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